Winter Driving

verdi motors

As we approach the winter months it is very important that you take some time to prepare your vehicle for the extreme weather that may affect you. Along with extreme weather comes slower traffic, hot tempers, hazardous road conditions and many other unforeseen dangers. As an automobile owner it is your responsibility to take care of your vehicle to assure that you make it through these upcoming months without damage to your vehicle as well as the other drivers on the road. Your tire type, battery condition, heat, defroster, ignition, brakes, hoses, belts, spark plugs, filters, fuel filter, and radiator are all things that need to be up to snuff. If your vehicle has any issues with any of these, now is the time to get it sorted out. Also some items you will want to have on hand incase of a winter emergency will be: inflated spare tire, jack to elevate the vehicle, wheel wrench, jumper cables, tool kit, reflective triangle, full tank of fuel, shovel, snow brush, ice scraper, flash light, and flares.


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